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“You Me Her” ( A Netflix Original)

“You Me Her” ( A Netflix Original)

If you haven’t heard of the show “You Me Her” on Netflix then you need to check it out. The show surrounds a married couple who were going through married life without being emotionally connected to each other. Their relationship had become mundane. It was like your typical married couples whose been married for a while and then lose interest in each other, to the point of feeling like you and your partner are roommates. I can relate to feeling like a roommate to my ex-husband at times which is not the feelings anyone wants to have in a relationship.

To spice things up, the husband was introduced to the idea of hiring an escort where he ends up finding the escort intriguing, beautiful, and likable to date. The wife finds out and calls the same escort to see what this woman looked like and the wife was attractive to the escort as well and hired her. Three seasons in, the husband, wife, and escort decided to live together and they are in love with each other.

I believe such relationship is a common thing and couples today are more open and proud of their relationships. I couldn’t do because I don’t like to share my partner and I want him to be available for me only and vice versa.

Watching the show, I love it, but I don’t understand how some couples can share their partners. I am not judging because I believe everyone should live and enjoy the life he or she chooses.

Here are four FACTS that affected their relationships:

  1. Emotionally Connected-The husband and wife both fell in love with the woman in middle. The woman who became part of their world was in love with both, but from the show you can see that the new woman is more connected to the husband.
  2. Jealousy– There was constant jealousy between all three parties. They were jealous of each other because one person got more attention. Both husband and wife met with the other woman without the other person’s knowledge.
  3. Secrets– They had to hide their girlfriend from their family, friends, and neighbor. The lived in a community where their lifestyle was not the norm. Because of the community they lived in, their nosey neighbor was out to figure out who this new woman was and why was this young college student hanging with a married couple who lived in the suburbs.
  4. Doubt– The couple began doubting their relationship and each other. They began to focus on what others would say and think. They questioned their love for each other.

With all relationships, we decide who we love and whether that is with one, two, or three people it is up to the individual.  If each person understands the risks involved and there are clear expectations then enjoy and be safe exploring.


Question– What are your stands on inviting others into your relationship?



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  1. Wow! This was an awesome read. I can relate to this movie because I have experienced the same thing. It was a point in my marriage where I felt disconnected from my husband. As a woman I personally need to feel that connection between us. I need my hugs, touches, and kisses. I need my time and attention. I believe work was the root cause of our situation. Ok so also I use to think a lot about letting someone come into our bedroom. A friend and I had talked about it before and she told me that it may add spice into the relationship. She let me know that she would have to approve the girl and that she would have to be from out the state. So….. It was on New Year’s. My husband and I went to the club. I seen an old acquaintance which is unbelievably beautiful. I started getting drunk. Why not. It’s New Year’s. I ended up asking her to do a threesome with me and my husband. I told him and he was like “No, this isn’t for us.” He told me that I would regret it and it would change our marriage; and not in a good way. Till this day I am happy that he said what he said and I have never thought about it again. Today we go on romantic getaways, go for walks, and enjoy nice dining. I realized that sharing my husband is not something I want. It was something that I thought would be pleasing to him but now I understand that he doesn’t want to share me either.

    1. Hi Latrecia and thank you for being so candid. Each person is different, and which ever route he or she choose its is okay. Well, now you know that is not for you, but it shows that you were willing to accommodate for your husband which is fine as long as know o e is hurt. Continue to make you relationship fun by doing the things you mentioned. Enjoy your marriage!

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