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20 Characteristic of an Effective Leader

20 Characteristic of an Effective Leader

“Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence, and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and you have to inspire team-mates and customers.”  Robin S. Sharma  Source

During a job interview, your goal is to land that job and hope that your boss is awesome. However, you don’t know what type of boss you would have. You can have a boss who does everything right and allows you to do your job or a boss who barely gives you the opportunity to get the job done without looking over your shoulders.

With sixteen years of military service, I have worked in different sections and locations, which required me having a new boss every time I transitions.  I’ve worked for military and civilian leaders and I have experienced effective and ineffective leadership.

Being a leader is something that you choose to become or is selected by your leadership. In the military, this happens all the time, which is a great opportunity to showcase and improve one’s leadership abilities.  Individuals who are effective leaders take the opportunity to grow, while others look at the opportunity as a daunting task.

As I leader, I’ve led people in the performance of their jobs and preferred to empower my staff. I don’t understand why some leaders have to take full control of their people’s work. I say let them do their jobs, provide guidance, listen to feedback and allow your people to lead his or her section.


If you are wondering if you or your boss is an effective leader, here are some characteristic to take into consideration:

20 Effective Leader Characteristics

They recognized their team members

They show Compassion

They show Strength

They are dependable

They are charismatic

They learn from their mistakes

They empower their team members

They set the example

They self-evaluate

They find solutions

They listen to their team members

They are rational

They give credit to employee’s work

They are motivators

They are involved

They get things done

They are positive

They are trustworthy

They are a team player

They respect their team members


In conclusion, we all want to work for someone who is an effective leader and someone who provides guidance.  An effective leader is someone you can trust and empowers you to perform at your best.  Effective leaders and a great team is the driving force for business success. My military experience has proven the effective leadership is KEY to mission success.


Question: Do you have an effective boss?


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  1. I hate those boss who don’t allow you to do your job. I’ve had those ineffective leaders, the ones who boss you around and don’t care much about YOU. Those ones I just ignore and do the minimum for.

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