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How to Know if He is The One

How to Know if He is The One

Have you met your guy or are you still looking for the one? Someone people can instantly know that they partner is the one from the first conversation, date, connection, etc. I believe that you can find the one and he will appear when you least expect it.

Yes, it may take some relationship experiences to get your guy, but those lessons learned is worth the life experience that you will receive from the guy that is the one for you.

Sometimes you may think that guy is the one if the sex is amazing and I have been there, but the only thing about amazing sex is that it blinds you from the extra bull shit.

The one may not be your life partner, he may be the one for this phase of your life because every season changes.

If you partner does these acts to show how much he cares and loves you, and if you have these feelings then he is your guy.

  • You feel safe with him
  • You see him as your protector
  • Your conversations flow naturally
  • He makes you laugh
  • He opens the car door for you on your first date
  • He compliments you on your beauty often
  • He likes you for you
  • He laughs at your awkwardness in a fun way
  • He takes actions
  • He is consistent
  • He smiles when he sees you
  • He can hold a conversation in person and on a phone
  • He spends time with you anytime during the day
  • He plans events
  • He tells his friends about you
  • He goes out of his way to get the things you need
  • He surprises you with small tokens
  • He tells you he cares for you
  • He wants to get to know you, your friends and family members
  • He listens when you speak
  • He talks about the future with you
  • He takes initiatives

For you to know if you guy is the one, go with your instinct. Ask yourself how do you feel when you are in his presence?  Does he go out of his way to make you happy? Does he make time for you and does he communicate his feeling for you?

Don’t go looking, when your guy comes you will know.


Question: How did you know your guy was the one?

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  1. I actually thought mine was the wrong one in the beginning and didn’t really give him the time of the day. Personally after spending time together, if he does all that you list, or even most of it, you know you have a winner.

    1. Hi Annmariejohn, and thank you for the comment and sometimes the signs are not present right away, but one of the biggest indication is going what your instinct telling you.

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