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Cash Rewards For “A & B” Grades: Yes or No?

Cash Rewards For “A & B” Grades: Yes or No?

Giving cash for good grades is becoming common with parents today.  Did you receive cash from your parents for doing well in school as kid?  I did not. My parents had nine kids to feed, so getting cash rewards for grades was not a thing in my house.

Each parent defines good grades differently, some parents want their child to have all “As” or be an “A and B” student.  Those are great expectations for any parents to have for their kids, but sometimes the same expectations can be too high for some kids to achieve or maintain overtime as they transition to the next higher grades.

As adults we have our own motivators that motivate us to perform better at our jobs.  It can be cash rewards, time off, awards, or promotion, which is the same concept with our kids.  Some of them needs that cash reward motivations.

Kids today are more advanced than us when we were kids, the big difference between us and our kids is that our kids are more distracted by the media, and electronics.

When it comes to rewarding cash for making good grades, I am indifferent.  I don’t see anything wrong with and I have not done for my kids.  I motivate my kids with verbal praises for doing well and maybe one day I will reward them with cash.

To get a feel on how parents felt about giving their child cash for grades I posted the following question in a Facebook group “Do you believe in rewarding your kids/child with cash for grades (A/B), why or why not?  And the parents responded with both viewpoints of Yes and No. Majority of the parents said they would.

Here are some of the responses posted by mothers in the Facebook Group:

Comments by Tonya Lee, “Yes and no. It’s their “reasonable service” to get good grades and do right.  However, at the end of the school year, rewarding them for their continued ability to maintain it, I think is great.  But not after every quarter.  I compare it to bonuses at work.  We get bonuses at the end/beginning of the year based on past performances.  However, constantly rewarding them for everything can set a precedence that can backfire.  Creating adults who expect something in return every time they do a good deed.  There has to be a balance.”

Comment by Fennessa Sloan, “I do believe in rewarding for grades but I don’t believe in telling my child if you get an A or B I’ll give you”

Comment by Jennelle Richmond,ABSOLUTELY NOT.  It’s their job to get good grades if they want to be successful in school then college and then as an adult in their chosen career.  That’s like an adult wanted a reward for doing what they’re supposed to do.  In my home, my sons know bad grades are unacceptable.”

Comment by Nedra  Fara Swift, “I did not!  I’m like Chris Rock – you did what you were supposed to do, what you want – a cookie!!!  They received lots and lots of praise and calls were made, in their hearing, letting all the family and friends know how brilliant they were.  Sometimes a new video game may have been purchased or dinner at a favorite place.  My parents laid down their expectations and we met them or suffered the consequences.  They raised 3 college grads, of which 2 went on to earn Ph.D.’s.  The old ways are sometimes the best ways.”

Comment by Terri D Alexander, “No, “Good Grades” are the main responsibilities of children.  We don’t give them monetary rewards for fulfilling their basic duties.  On the other hand, we will give children monetary rewards for doing extra chores.”

Comment by Amanda Graves, “Yes!  I did during elementary and middle school and now in high school he challenges himself without payment.”


These are just a few comments to show different points of view of how some parents chooses to put a monetary value on grades, while others don’t.  Parents raises their children to what they believe is best for them.  So, if you reward you child with cash or not then you are not in the wrong.

One of my great friends started rewarding her son with cash for making all “As” when he was in middle school and she stills reward him for performing well in high school.  In this situation, you have a mom who is proud and a son who is happy.  So, it can be a win situation for the child and parents.

We as adults are motivated in various ways and so are our kids.  If giving cash for good grades pushes your child to perform well in school then that is your choice and don’t let anyone shame you for doing what you feel is best for your child.


Question: Do you agree with rewarding your child with cash for making all A’s and B’s?


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  2. I personally believe it’s up to each parent to make that choice for their child. As for me, I don’t and have no intentions of doing so. Getting good grades is something your child should be getting anyway, and I don’t reward work that needs to be done.

    1. Hi Annmariejohn,
      I agree with you and yes it’s up to each parent and it works for some kids. I have not don’t it and I’m not saying that I won’t do it. I’ve never needed to and my daughter had asked for money for grades and I told no,here’s some word of encouragement. Lol

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