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You Did Not Get The Promotion, Now What?

You Did Not Get The Promotion, Now What?

Are you that person who knows you’ve worked hard and that you are deserving of that promotion, but it was given to someone else? Someone else who has not been with the company long; someone, whose work performance is good, but not great like yours.

Sometimes you feel as if you are being passed over, which can be demotivating. I understand and I have been there,  where I knew that the  promotion should have been mine, but the organization selected other individuals instead.

So, what do you? Do you say “F” everyone and everything or do you use your  outcome as motivation to ensure you get your promotion when the opportunity presents its self again?

Well, you should use it as your motivation. You can be mad and that’s okay. You have seven days to be in your feeling and I think that is too long. I recommend 3 to 5 days to wallow in it.

Anything more, then you are letting that decision affect your entire life, which is not the way to live.  You want to take that negative news and turn it into your favor, all positive favors!

And in order to do this you need to apply these three steps:

Step 1

Take the first three days to do the following: gives us five ways on how to deal with grief. Grief does not have to be about death. It can be applied to anything, like not getting that promotion. I picked three our of the five that I believe you can apply to your situation and be able to move forward to the next opportunity.

Be in denial- I’ve been there, you have been there or maybe you are going through it now. This is when you are surprised, shocked and just unable to accept what occurred. You may have many questions that are unanswered.  You want some answers but understand that they may not be any for you to receive.

Be angry– If you’re the type who gets angry, then go ahead and vent to someone and break something if you need to. Release that anger and don’t let it consume you.

Be in Acceptance mode– This is when you must make the decision to accept your situation.  Accept that you didn’t get the promotion you deserved.  Accept that is was not your time. Accept that everything happens for a reason.  Accept and understand that you get that promotion you deserve. You will be promoted with hard work!

Those three are great starting points, and I decided to add my own- LET IT GO! This can be hard to do at times because the promotion you did not get will continue to replay in your head. It happened to me, but I had to tell myself to Let It Go!  So, you must tell yourself to let it go, and ask yourself what’s the next chapter awaiting my full attention?

Step 2

Don’t be mad at the person who got the promotion. What is being angry at the individual who got the promotion going to do for you?  What positive things will come of that? None!

Step 3

Ask questions and find out where you fell short in your performance.  What you see is not what your boss sees. Take the honest feedback you get and apply it to become better in your performance, so there is no doubt that the next promotion is yours.

Use your situation as your motivation, work harder so everyone in your work section knows that you are the right person to be promoted.

Being in the military promotion is an opportunity and reward, but even at your best you don’t get promoted and there nothing you can do besides work harder, study and earn that promotion.

It becomes my motivation when I don’t get selected for promotion.  I don’t stay in a slump, I go through the phases mentioned above and I LET IT GO!


Question: What did you do to stay motivated?



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  1. Yes, we can easily catch ourselves in a funk when we don’t receive the promotion that we feel we are deserving of. I always hold a bible verse close to my heart I Samuel 16:1 What God has for you, it is for you. You are right all we could do is continue to work hard and receive our blessings when it is our time. We have to be able to except it and let it go. We have to be able to focus on the present and it is always beneficial to practice mindfulness exercises in order to help us do this.

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