Shevvy Mac

Motivation ~ Accountability ~ Change


Hello beautiful,

Motivation ~ Accountability ~ Change

Welcome to my world,

I am Shevvy, and I created this space to share my lifestyle with you. I am a mother of two, a teenager and a pre-teen. I am a motivator by heart; I love to inspire others, and I want others to excel.  While your on this site, I want you to become engaged, so you can call me a friend, your mentor, etc.

I have some life experiences and lessons that I want to share with you on my blog, and this is a place where you can find positivity, advice on various topics, mentorship, leadership and many more.

I’m in the military and I have over seventeen years of leading and mentoring others at all levels.   

I love to dance, cook and laugh with my friends and family

Thank you for stopping by, and  I hope you enjoy this journey with me on this life experience!

xoxo Shevvy Mac