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Four Reasons Why Teens Shouldn’t Date Young

Four Reasons Why Teens Shouldn’t Date Young

“Can I have a boyfriend mommy” Those words came out of my daughter’s mouth when she was 11 and I replied, “NO you are too young.” She still continues to ask me, what age can she date. I’m not ready for it, are you ready for it?

I believe a mature age of 15 is good to have a boyfriend or girlfriend. By this age, they know a little about life and have seen their friends dating experience, and hopefully learned some Dos and Don’ts of dating young.

Teens don’t have to start dating at 15, if they want to wait longer even better. But let’s be realistic. Teenagers are more developed in all capacity. Some teens between ages (10 and 14) look like they are over 15 years of age, so they may believe that they are ready to date.

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At the age of 11, I liked boys, but I knew all I could do was LIKE and not DATE them. My mom was strict, boys could not call my house, even when I reached the age of 16.  It was different back then compared to today.

I see many young kids dating who are 10 years of age, I’m not shocked but, I realized that this is their norm. But why the rush? Why get your heart broken at a young age?

Here are four reasons why kids should wait to date.

1. Too young- As preteens, what do you know about dating? There is nothing wrong with having crushes, but preteens need to mature more and understand that they want when it comes to dating.

2. HeartbreaksThis will come no matter what age you are, but there is no need to gain that experience at such a young age. Heartbreak is difficult as an adult, imagine how you will feel when it happens to you. Talk to your parents about heartbreaks, have them share their own experiences.

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3. Loses focus When dating young, you lose focus on the important things, like school, sports, friends and enjoying life. You become consume with the other person. You feel as if you cannot live without the other person, which is not healthy for a young mind.

4. Don’t know what you want What teen knows what he or she wants out of a relationship? I didn’t as a teen and even as adults we don’t truly know what we want out of dating at times.

Question- What age is a good age for teens to start dating?



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  1. I believe age 15-16 is an appropriate age to begin dating. We do have to be realistic and understand that at this age it is normal for them to have feelings of attraction towards each other. I feel even at this age though I can agree that kids begin to lose focus because they get so wrapped up with the other person that they stop focusing on what should be important to them. I know that when I was younger I could not start getting phone calls until I was 16 years of age and my dad did not dare let me date until I was 18. I feel like if a child that is 15 or 16 is mature and they show you that they are able to date someone as well as take care of their business then let them. I just feel like as parents it is important for us to provide them with the resources and the tools that they need when they step out there like that. If we lead them in the right direction they should be okay. Right now my son just turned 15 and he talked with me about having a girlfriend which of course I was not ready for however I knew it was something that would have to happen one day. I’m making sure that I talk to him and teach him important lessons for life.

    1. Hi Latrecia,

      Thank you for your consisting comments and support that you provide to my blog! Great comment and between 15 and 16 are good ages for teens to date if they are mature. In addition, we as parents have to set boundaries for our teenagers. We cannot stop them from sneaking around because we did the sane thing at their ages.

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