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Music is Life: My Spotify Top 10 Artists & Songs

Music is Life: My Spotify Top 10 Artists & Songs

Music is life for me!  As a woman of Caribbean descent, music is engraved into my culture, mind, and body.  I remember as a kid in South America, Guyana, every time I heard steel drums playing, Dancehall Reggae, and Soca music my body would come alive. I was in place outside of my body, I can dance for hours and not be tired.

At birthdays parties, I was the one who was called to compete in dance competitions.  And guessed who came in first, ME! When I say I love to dance, I truly mean it.  Sometimes I tell myself I should have been a professional dancer who competed in ballroom dancing and everything else.  Maybe I will in another life.

During my teenage years, my parents held lots of house parties and they were a blast.  Great music and food until four in the morning. Wow, lots of great memories and that is what I want for my kids as they reflect on life as adults.

My siblings and I grew up to music playing every day and to this day we all love to bust a wine!  Music is on in my house in the shower, when I get dress, watching dishes, relaxing, dancing with my kids, and when I lay down.  I use it to get me through hard times like my divorce.

I love to listen to my music with no interruption and that is why I pay the Spotify premium which is $9.99 per month.  I get to select all Genres, I can select music base on my mood so I say it is worth the price.

There are many artists who I love to listen to, but I notice that I go back to certain artists especially when I am connected to the words. Here are my top 10 songs and artists who I enjoy listening to Spotify.

  1. Trey Songz- Slow Motion
  2. Trey Songz- # 1 Fan
  3. Beyoncé- 1+1
  4. Dvsn-Hallucination
  5. Dvsn- Too Deep
  6. E.R- Focus
  7. E.R-Every Kind Of Way
  8. Tank- You Don’t Know (Feat. Wale)
  9. Jessie J- Flash Light
  10. Jessie-Not My Ex

If you love music like me, go on and create your playlist and dance. It does not matter where I am, when I hear great music I start to move.


Question: What is your song that you can listen to anytime?


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