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Red Flags to Look For in A Relationship

Red Flags to Look For in A Relationship

“Love is blind and it will take over your mind.” In the words of the singer Eve.

When we first enter a relationship, we become blind to things that our partners do or say. Things that are red flags, but we ignore and hope that the individual will change for the better, but only to realize that the red flags magnify.

Here are thirteen red flags that we all should be aware of when transitioning into a new relationship.

  • Insecurity- This is where your partner gets upset because you are spending time with friends, family and just doing your own thing.
  • Infidelity- Cheats on you within 30 days of dating.
  • Flirtatious– Flirts with the opposite sex.
  • Time- The relationship is rushed and within a week you are an official couple and ready to move in.
  • Controlling– Your partner tracks your every movement from going to the store, visiting friends, what you wear etc.
  • Physical obsession- Is when your partner is just focused on your beauty and nothing else. He or she looks at you as a trophy.
  • Source
  • No goals- He/she cannot verbalize his/her short and long-term goals.
  • Overspending with credit cards- This is an indication that the individual is irresponsible and don’t mind being in debt.
  • The “I love you”-under 30 days.
  • Argumentative– Your partner starts arguments out of the blue.
  • Meeting family- Mom/day within 30 days, you are now part of a family that you did not agree on.
  • Dishonest– Your partner lies for minute things such as where they grew up, attended school, relationship status, etc.
  • Verbally Abusive– Your partner yells and talks down to you.

In the end, you must know what red flags you are willing to accept. Some may be minor while others are extreme and should not be accepted. Relationships are built on trust and security.


Question: What are some other red flags that individuals in a new relationship may encounter?


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  1. I would have to say not just verbally abusive, but mentally and physically as well. Those are big no-no’s! The mental games will really mess you up, but never stay once they become physical, no matter how many times the apologize.

  2. From experience when your man stop coming to bed and being less affection he either cheating ir fell out of love or both. For me it was both but by the Grace of God we are still together and about to celebrate 12 years of marriage. But it was a long road to get to where we are today.

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