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Three Reasons to Visit Montgomery, Alabama

Three Reasons to Visit Montgomery, Alabama

Due to my job, I had the opportunity to live in Montgomery, Alabama for six weeks. During my stay, I had the pleasure to enjoy all that Montgomery had to offer from the beautiful restaurants, its rich history, culture, music and more. Here is a list of places I enjoyed during my six weeks and I hope you can too when you visit Montgomery, Alabama.


The south is known for its bold flavors and tasty dishes. So, you will not go wrong when you visit Montgomery, Alabama. There are many restaurant options and food selections to choose from while you visit this beautiful calm place. Here are three places I ate at on several occasions, and I recommend you check them out.

Island Delight

I’m from Guyana, South American, so, I love Caribbean food, and if you are looking for something different with bold spices and lots of flavors, then you must stop by Island Delight. It’s a Jamaican restaurant that serves authentic Jamaican cuisines from beef patties, oxtail with peas and rice, curry chicken, etc. along with great drinks. Island Delight have many dishes for you to sample and it’s located in the heart of downtown Montgomery. The staff is very welcoming, and you will receive excellent customer service with great Caribbean music playing in the background


Photo by Shevvymac (Enjoying Island Delight dishes)

Bonefish Grill

Bonefish Grill is an elegant restaurant that you will enjoy. It’s a great atmosphere to meet up for lunch, dinner or drinks with friends or your significant other. Even though its known for its seafood recipes, the restaurant does provide their customers with other meat and poultry optios. Their steaks are cooked perfectly, base on your preference and you cannot go wrong with their appetizer’s assortments. Try the “Bang Bang Shrimp,” it has a spicy kick to it and it is delicious! When you visit Bonefish Grill, you must try their “Chowder and Lump Crab” soup. The three times I visited Bonefish Grill I got the soup, it was delicious, creamy and full of great flavors. I am never disappointed with my choice and It is something I will get every time I visit Bonefish Grill no matter the location.

Photo by Shevvymac (Fishbone Grill Chowder and Lump Crab Soup)

Twin Peak

I am not a sportswoman or a big fan of sports, but Alabama folks love their sports, so, when you have time to check out Twin Peak, do so. It’s like Hooters without the obvious. But, it’s a place to go and have tasty wings, drinks and watch your favorite team play. I must say, that the food is a little pricey, but its worth the visit.


When I visit a new place, I like to know and explore the history of the area. Montgomery has a lot of history, however, when you visit, you must check out Rosa Park’s Museum where you will receive important information pertaining to the Montgomery Boycott. Another great place to visit is Tuskegee University which was created by Booker T. Washington and other African American scholars.

Photo by Shevvymac (Sitting on a bench students used at Tuskegee University)

The university is full of history for you to experience and become educated. While there, I got the opportunity to go back into the university archive area and read the books that were used to teach courses during the initial opening of the school. I was given the opportunity to see the instruments used to teach certain lessons.

Photo by Shevvymac (Tuskegee University past and current presidents)

Even though, it was built for black students in the past to expand their education, due to blacks not being allowed to attend other universities during the segregation period. But, since time as change tremendously, anyone can attend Tuskegee university.


Biscuit Baseball

Biscuits Baseball team is a well-known team in Montgomery, Alabama. While there, I attended two games and I had blast with the people whom I attended with; we drank local beers, ate and routed for the home and opposing teams. The unique thing they did was they threw freshly baked biscuits into the crowd. Now, you cannot say that is not fun! That experience made the crowd excited to be at the game and catch free biscuts.

Photo by Shevvymac (Biscuit Baseball Game)

Bombay Lounge

I love to dance and the one lounge that I did enjoy while in Montgomery was the Latin club Bombay Lounge, although it was not packed with people, the DJ played all types of music to accommodate all dancers. However, if you are not into Latin music, there are other options to choose from, along with several casinos if you are into gambling.

What I listed are just a few places of what Montgomery, Alabama has for you, but when you visit, there is a lot more for you to experience and don’t forget to embrace the southern hospitality.


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  1. Sounds like you had a blast in Alabama. Whenever I visit someplace new, I like to check out the restaurants that are unique to the places, the mom and pop stores. We have Bonefish Grill and Island Delight here in CO, so I would probably eat somewhere new.
    Alabama is known for their history and visiting that Rosa Park museum would definitely be on my list.

    1. Hello Ann,

      Thank you for the comment and I did have a blast. I believe the people I had with me added to my fun. I agree, that the best places to checkout for tasty food options are mom and pop stores.There are a lot of history that takes you back to where you may become emotional. If you have the opportunity please take a visit with the family.

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