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What is Your Love Language?

What is Your Love Language?

LOVE is spoken in my many different forms.  Love makes us feel amazing.  Love makes us feel less than ourselves.  Love make us do the strangest things.  Love makes us who we are.  Love makes us changes the world.  Loves make us stronger.  I can continue to make a list of everything that love encompasses, but I want to focus on the love that we have for the people closest to us.

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As Valentine’s Day approaches, we find ourselves shopping for the best gifts, and making plans for our significant person.  However, before you go out and start exploring gifts, do you know your partner’s Love Language (LL)?  Understanding you and your partner’s LL is important to have a healthy, strong, and lasting relationship.  There are times when we don’t fully comprehend our lover’s Love Language (LL) and not speaking their LL affects the relationship.

In the book, The 5 Love Languages, Gary Chapman list five things that married couples can implement to save their marriage, but this book can be applied to anyone in a relationship, family members or friends.  If you don’t know your LL, you can find them on Gary Chapman’s website, but here there are for you to get a quick glance:

Words of Affirmation– providing your partner with words of encouragement and appreciation

Gifts– surprising your partner with a small token

Acts of Service– doing the laundry, making dinner, etc.

Quality Time– reading together, outing, date night

Physical Touch– holding hands, lots of hugs and random kisses

Understanding our partner’s LL is easy, the author Gary Chapman wrote the book The 5 Love Languages, to help couples who were having a difficult time communicating and understand each other.  I first picked this book years ago during the time I was married, and I wanted to understand my ex-husband LL because our relationship needed work.  I read the book, took the test, and it revealed my two LL as Words of Affirmation and Acts of Service and my ex LL were Gifts and Physical Touch.

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My result was spot on because I love when my children, partner, family members, and friends thank and appreciate me for the things that I do for them.  Hearing words of gratitude from the people in my life, makes me want to do more Act of Service for them.  So, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Applying, your LL, is key to saving your relationship, and even though my ex- and I knew our LLs, we didn’t fully apply what we learned, we continued to stick to our old ways, and it affected our marriage along with others issues.  To make your relationship work, and have better communication, you have to know the LOVE LANGUAGE of your partner.  Knowing your partner’s LL will guide you to connect in different ways, appreciate them, and love them more.

Look at your relationship and ask yourself, do I know my partners’ s LL and do they know mine?  If not, then I recommend you buy and read the book, or you take the test by clicking here if you don’t want to wait.


What is your Love Language and how does your partner fill your Love Cup?

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  1. Although I have not read the Five Love Languages in its entirety I can appreciate the things that he says in the book. My two love languages are physical touch and quality time. My husband’s love language is words of affirmation. Mostly he is the provider in our household so he loves to hear encouraging words and be praised when it is appropriate. I love spending quality time with him and getting all of his affection. I really love that bond that we share and it makes our love grow stronger and stronger. I always joke with him by saying that I want to have dinner with him and just gaze into his eyes. Lol! We are silly in love. At the beginning of our marriage he did spend quality time but he didn’t realize that I loved being touched. I had to Express these feelings to him. Now when I am in the kitchen cleaning or what not he will come and touch me so gently. I love that.

    1. Hello Latrecia and I am happy to hear that you and your husband are expressing your love languages which i believes make the relationship stronger. Continue to fall in love each day by doing things for each other. As mentioned in the article, I too am a words of affirmation, I live on words, lol. Thank you for comment and please share with a friend.

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