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“Workin Moms” My Netflix Review

“Workin Moms” My Netflix Review

I remember as a kid, one of my favorite past time was watching shows like Magnum PI, Hawaii Five-O, Knight Rider and more.  As a child, my parents did not have a television, but I would go to random neighbors’ houses or my cousins to watch all my shows.  I did not have a television in my house until I moved to the United States at the age of ten.

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Now as an adult, I work longs hours, have kids’ activities, school events and other random life tasks that keep me busy.  However, when I have a little time to myself, I grab my Firestick, go right to Netflix, and find something great to watch.

I love to watch shows where I can relate to the characters; I’m laughing, or crying.  So, I found this show on Netflix called, “Workin Moms” created by Catherine Reitman and Philip Sternberg in 2017.

If you are a mom with one or several kids, then you must watch this show.  The show focuses on several women from different backgrounds who recently had a baby, their everyday lives, and their weekly group discussions to talk about various topics relating to being a Working Mom.

I looked at the group meetups as a place for working moms to vent and know that their parenting skills good or bad are like the other moms.  Also, to know that the crazy things they say and do to their children are all part of being a parent.  Some of the women are first time, second- and third-time moms.

The show showcases these working moms in a way where moms can relate to whether you are a Working Mom or not.  It focuses on four women, and each of them has their own story where anyone can relate.

Here is a breakdown of each working mom.  When you watch the show, I want you to understand and feel each women’s stories to know if you see yourself in any of the Workin Moms.

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STORYLINES: First, we have Kate, the corporate woman who has it all.  With her career, she was on top recruiting clients for her company before she took nine months of maternity leave.  As she transitions back to her career life, she struggles with being a mom and wanting to be recognized by her boss as one of his top employees again.  She is too driven to let go of one, so the only way she knows how to do it, is to try to be the best mom, and career woman together.  But as you and I know, something must give, and she learns that she will have to decide on what is more important to her.  This situation is what many working moms go through when being a career woman and being a mom.

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Next, we have Kate’s best friend, Anne the psychiatrist; I love Anne’ personality and realness.  She is so brutality honest to herself, husband, children, friends, and anyone she encounters.  Anne, is the Working Mom who is not emotionally connected to her children, she loves them unconditionally and will do anything or hurt someone for them, but her demeanor is like get away from me.  Right in the beginning, Anne finds out she is pregnant with her third child, and she is not happy.

Her story-line is impactful because it gives the world a view on how some women truly are when it comes to dealing with another unplanned pregnancy, working as a psychiatrist who helps others to correct their behavior or problem while she is struggling with her issues.  Anne will have you laughing, thinking, and reevaluating how you parent and interact with your children.

Now there is Jenny; there are lots of women like Jenny, Jenny is married to this HOT guy who is a stay at home dad, and writer whom she has lost connection in all aspects.  As she goes back to her IT job, she feels like something is missing from her life, so she focuses more on work due to the crush she has on her boss.  Jenny is a woman who believes she has lost her identity due to her marriage and being a mom.

Jenny is not connected to her daughter, and she tries, but when she looks at her daughter, she does not feel the motherly bond and decides to neglect the two most important people in her life for a little bit of fun.  Many of us can relate to Jenny in some ways.

I was married before, I was disconnected at times in my marriage, and I did feel like my life was only consumed with wife duties, mom duties, work duties and I did not have time to myself.  So, there were times when I wanted to go out and have some fun without any interruption.  I wanted to feel like my old self before becoming the Working Mom. Do you see you see yourself in Jenny?

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The last Working Mom is Frankie, the free-spirited lesbian whose life is like a roller coaster, but she does not know how to go about dealing with her postpartum depression, which hinders her relationship with her wife.  I love her story-line because us women do suffer from postpartum depression.  While some women can bounce right back after having a baby, some women are unable to let go of the postpartum depression feelings, and they find themselves in a deeper depression.

Frankie is that Working Mom who wants to deal with everything on her own, but without getting help, she realizes her behavior was affecting her marriage where she and her wife are in two different spaces.  She felt like her life needed to end for just a few days, only ten according to her to get back to herself.  Nevertheless, as a Working Mom, we know that it’s not that easy.  Frankie character is relatable to all of us Working Moms or not.  If you are a mom, then you know the overwhelming emotions that we encounter trying to balance everything.

WORKING MOMs is a great story-line which we all can relate in some capacity.  I have experienced all four Working Moms in some capacity.  I am the mom who is driven, who loves to take on the next achievement. The working mom who loves her kids, but don’t want to be bothered at times, the working mom who wants more of her freedom back and the working mom who know that she may not feel like herself some days and it’s okay to talk to someone.

If you have not seen the show on Netflix, then you must watch it.  Even though it’s only one season, the creators of the show, showed us how we share common emotions, struggles, and triumphs no matter our situation.


Which character is like you?

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